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Council for Recognition of Civil War Colored Troops
Mission Statement

The mission of the Council for Recognition of Civil War Colored Troops (USCTs) is to promote long overdue commemoration of the Wilmington area Colored Civil War Heroes who are buried in the National Cemetery on Market Street.  To obtain approval of a permanent plaque or marker to be erected in their memory in the City of Wilmington.  In addition, a distinct flag is being designed to be flown at each grave.  (All of which has been accomplished)

Finally, in the summer of 2010, a "Day of Recognition" ceremony in their honor was scheduled.


Organized at Fort Monroe, VA, January 8, 1864.  Attached to Fort Monroe, VA., Department of Virginia and North Carolina, to April 1864.  Artillery, Hincks' Colored Division, 18th Corps, Army of the James to May, 1864.  Randi's Provisional Brigade, 18th Corps to June 1864.  Artillery Brigade, 18th Corps, June 1864.  Unattached Artillery, Department of Virginia and North Carolina to July, 1864.   Defenses of Norfolk and Portsmouth, VA., Department of Virginia and North Carolina, to May 1865.  Artillery 25th Corps and Department of Texas to March, 1866.

Service -- Duty at Fort Monroe, VA until April 1864.  Butler's operations south of James River and against Petersburg and Richmond, VA., May 4 to June 15, 1864.  Action at Wilson's Wharf May 14.  Petersburg, VA., June 9.  Before Petersburg June 15-18.  Seige operations against Petersburg and Richmond until July 7.  Ordered to Portsmouth, VA., July 7, and duty there until May 1865.  Ordered to Texas May, 1865 and duty on the Rio Grande until March, 1866.  Mustered out March 17, 1866.


                 CHARTERED MEMBERS 

 Sergeant Major Marvin Nicholson
      Sergeant Fred Johnson, Sr.
     1st Sergeant James White
       Corporal Charles Willis
       Private Charles Addison
      Private Gerald Wellington

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    FOUNDED MARCH 10, 2001
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