October 11, 2011 -- Sgt. Frederick E. Johnson, Sr.

Sgt. Frederick E. Johnson, Sr., was born January 1, 1932, in West Chester, Pennsylvania.  In 1950, his family moved to Media, Pennsylvania.  Thirty days after moving to Media, he joined the United States Navy, three (3) days later, he joined the United States Army and after completing the Army Basic Training, he received an Honorable Discharge for seven (7) days of navy service.  He served for three (3) years in the Army and completed a tour of 3 months in Japan and 19 months in Korea before recieving an Honorable Discharge from the Army. 

He was employed in the trucking industry, United Postal Service and as a part-time motorcoach driver.  Prior to moving to Wilmington, North Carolina on April 15, 1994, he worked with the Road Map and Information Phone Operator Service and has enjoyed it.  He is affiliated with the Battery B 2nd Regiment U.S. Colored Light Artillery, Inc. and 18th Corps Civil War Re-enactors which is a non-profit organization in the City of Wilmington, North Carolina.  He was very instrumental in getting an historical marker honoring the United States Colored Union Troops erected which now stands in the 2100 block of Market Street, near the National Cemetery. 

He is married to Catherine B. Johnson for the past 17 years and they have 2 daughters, 2 sons and 6 grandchildren.


May 21, 2009  -- A Call for descendants of 1st NC Colored Infantry

Sergeant Fred Johnson, Sr., Civil War Reenactor, Battery B, 2nd Regiment, U.S. Colored Light Artillery, Wilmington, North Carolina, is organizing a USCT Descendants Organization.

We are seeking descendants of 1st NC Colored Infantry / 35th US Colored Infantry, 2nd NC Colored Infantry / 36th US Colored Infantry, 3rd NC Colored Infantry / 37th US Colored Infantry 1st NC Colored Heavy Artillery / 14th US Colored Heavy Artillery, or 135th US Colored Infantry.

Please contact Fred Johnson Sr., at 910-815-3800 or via email at